Friday, October 10, 2008

I couldn't run faster than 6:30/mile...

...if I fell off a cliff.

This was another weird one today. The plan was 4@HM, 1 mile jog, 2@10k.

- Jog 2.25 miles to the start line of the track.
- The 4 "miles" (1600m) went 6:43/166, 6:39/172, 6:37/175, 6:39/176. As I said before, my avg HM heart rate is 180, so this was quite a surprise. I had planned to hit the first 200m at ~51-52, but hit it at 50 and then it was just 50s the rest of the way. Really this was quite easy.
- Jog a mile - 9:05/148. HR recovered well.
- I was supposed to do 2 @ 10k and I tried. I really did! I though I'd hit the first 200 at 47-48 and I saw it tick over 47 to 48 as I crossed the line. Perfect I though. Then the next 200 was 50 again. Crap. I thought maybe I'd increased my breathing rate and went from 2-2 to 2-1. I saw my heart rate go down, but I didn't get any faster. The first mile was 6:36/173. I was trying! On the second mile, I stopped looking at splits and tried to relax and move my arms and legs fast. 6:47/175. Ugh.

I realized I wasn't far off an 8k PR through the 4 miles. My PR is 32:45, which is 6:33 per 1600 meters. During that race, I averaged 187 bpm over the last 4 miles. I'm not sure what the deal is. Maybe its just the marathon training that's made me slow, but strong. I feel like I could crush my 10 mile PR (6:53 pace) but probably couldn't touch my 5k PR (6:23 per mile).

I did 3 miles ez tonight (I can't double tomorrow like I wanted to).

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