Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mixed intervals

Today's mixed intervals went 2+ mile wup plus 3200m in 6:56/159, 6:44/167, 2000m in 8:07 (6:32)/172, 1000m in 3:54 (6:17)/176, 800m in 3:00 (6:02)/178, 2+ mile cdn.

Last Wednesday was: 7:04/158, 6:57/165; 6:36/170; 3:56/174; 3:03/176

About the same. Today, my heart rates were a little higher for the last two intervals, but I ran the 10k pace for 2000m instead of 1600 and I ran the second 1600 of HM pace significantly faster than last week.

I really felt like I grooved on the second 1600 of HM pace. I'm calling it HM pace because I'd be happy to run a half at 6:44, but I've averaged ~167 for the second mile of most of my marathons.

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