Monday, December 10, 2007

bad run

Running this morning was a bad mistake. I thought I'd just go out for 40 minutes. Well the dog kept me up all night and then I thought I'd just bag it and get some sleep, but I couldn't sleep anyway. After my indecisiveness, I was running late and cut it off at 30 minutes. Well, now I sit hear with ice on my shin, because the creepy tendon feeling is back. It feels like I'll never get back in shape.


Joseph P. Wood said...


Now, look, I'm about as ignorant as ignorant gets with this HR training, so take this with a grain of salt: why are you hammering the pace right now? Your avg. heart rate was in the high 140s last week; that's some pretty high-end aerobic running.

It seems to me, unless your MHR is astronomical, that you should be taking it slower on your runs, especially coming off an injury that made you nix the marathon.

Trust me, I know how it is to watch your conditioning go down the toilet, but the number one thing is health--very easy running may breed that...

Greg said...

Well, you're right. In my defense, my max is 200, so 147 is fairly low by normal standards. A usual week for me averages 143, but I'm generally one of those LSD guys.

My big mistake was going too long on Sunday and then running today. The "fast" run on Tuesday was just downright stubborn but didn't cost me (the 159 is also inflated by the HRM falsely reading 180 for the first mile).

I'll try and be a good boy! Tomorrow, 10 minute miles on grass. 40 minutes max. Stop if there's any pain.

Mindi said...

Ah, that stinks. I hate to hear it. And I completely can empathize after my last couple of weeks. It sucks. There is no way around it. Best of luck with the healing - and put your dog somewhere far away from you tonight so you can get some rest!