Sunday, January 14, 2007

8, 8, 8, and 18 miles

I've been lax so here's the week in review.

Got in late Tues, so didn't run Wed.

8.3 miles on lake A lollipop (out, around, and back). 1:21:52/140. wc7-3
8.3 miles on lake A lollipop (out, around, and back). 1:22:14/141. wr9-1
8.3 miles on lake A lollipop (out, around, and back). 1:19:48/145. wc7-3

Today was lake B lollipop (out, around, and back) for 17.9. It was rough today. 3:09:19/145. Felt very steamy -- humid and upper 50s. I haven't slept in a couple of nights -- dog, daughter (not in that order). On the way out, it felt hard and I was up to 145 bpm early on. When I got to the lake, it felt like I'd drift higher if I didn't slow down and I couldn't slow down without giving up my newfound faster cadence. So, I resorted to my old slog. My heart rate was getting into the 150s (and hit 167 late). I took walk breaks every 10 minutes on the way back, not starting until my heart rate went under 130. On one steep uphill that took 5 minutes! I think the walk breaks are a good idea and the recovery time is an indicator of how tired I am. I need to work out some good rule of thumb for the recovery heart rate. 120 + 5 beats for every hour is probably a decent first approximation. I'd need some minimum walk time like 30-60 secs early on.

I should mention that I haven't felt the calf/achilles thingy in about 2 weeks, so I think it's gone. My foot is still killing me though.

43 miles
wc7-3: 331 + 17 = 348
wr9-1: 330 + 26 = 356

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