Sunday, January 21, 2007

last week

Getting out of my habit of daily logs. Here's last week.

Mon - 0
Tues - 8.3
Wed - 10.5 (ran to work)
Th - 0
Fr - 10.5 (ran to work)
Sat - 5 miles race (in 34:17 and a big PR!)
Sun - 18.4 miles (4 loops around lake B)

Saturday was noteworthy because I ran an insanely hilly 5 miler (300 feet of ascent) in 20mph sustained winds and 25 degrees and ran a great time (for me). 34:17 is 1 sec per mile slower than my 5K PR. I have a very sore middle left toe joint to show for it though. I felt good enough to run on Sunday, however, and got the full 18 miles in.

My goal of a sub-21 5K in the spring is looking within reach since I figure I was about 21:10 at the 5K mark in this race after going out too fast :-) The calculators say I can run 1:12 for 10 miles, which would be way ahead of my 1:14 goal for Cherry Blossom. Maybe I should revise those goals.

53 miles
wc7-3: 348 + 27 = 375
wr9-1: 356 + 26 = 382

Need some new shoes soon.

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