Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week of 28 Feb -- Disney sucks

Mo - 6.20 on Disney concrete and brick
Tu - fartlek w/6x 2' faster than 10k w/2' rest. First 5 on cart path before Disney folk kicked me off 8.00 1:05:00 8:08
We - 10 .00 1:30:00 9:00
Th - 6.60 1:00:00 9:05
Fr -6.20 1:00:00 9:41
Sa - home mill 6.00 0:59:10 9:52
Su - mill 12.00 1:54:51 9:34
This Week 55.00 8:29:01 9:15

Went to a conference at a Disney hotel. Kicked me off the nice 2.5-mile golf cart path because they were "worried I'd be hit by a ball" at 6:30 in the morning when the grass was being mowed. Instead I weaved in and out between pool furniture and trying to avoid being run over by those small service trucks on the designated Disney path that's about a whole 0.5 miles long and covered in the hardest substance known -- disney concrete.

Had a terrible cold all week and legs were so beat up by the surface, so I just did 6 easy instead of the workout on Friday.

Forgot my garmin, so times are with my analog Seiko and distances are a guess.

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