Tuesday, December 08, 2009

week of 7 December

Mo - 40' run/walk am (125 AHR), 40' elliptical mid-day; 4' @ 5.5, 1' @ 3.0. The old knee problem is coming back. One hoped-for fringe benefit of this injury isn't coming to pass.

Tu - 40' run/walk am (129 AHR), 40' elliptical mid-day; 5.5 mph like monday but only ~5 x 1' walking.

We - 40' elliptical + 40' run/walk (129 AHR) am; 5.5 mph with ~4 x 1' walk breaks. Walks were faster. 3.9 mph

Th - 42' run (10:20) am, 39' elliptical mid-day

Fr -51' run (9:40 pace, 5.3-mile work loop) + 30' elliptical; ran outside and felt pretty good. elliptical'd immediately after running

Sa - 84' run; good old lake route for 8.5 miles. Minimal damage.

Su - 60' elliptical + 20' treadmill; 5.7 mph was ~137bpm

Total: 5h18' running (30.3 miles, 10:28 avg pace, 136 bpm AHR) + 4h09' elliptical (133 bpm AHR)


Since the 5k on Saturday, I've had a hamstring/adductor strain (kinda in between). It's more of a muscle strain and not the dull, deep ache along my inner thigh that I associate with the osteitis pubis. Starting Monday and definitely on Tuesday I had less of the tightness/pain between my abs and quad to the left of the pubic bone. Butt/hip pain is more confined. The pain seems to be retreating along the path it came in.

ART on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I haven't mentioned it, but all the ellipticals have include 4-5 x 1' in reverse. This was pretty hard at first, but has become quite easy. Hopefully I've strengthened something that needed strengthening.

I've been doing lat pulls and pushups as well as brief static stretching after ellipticalling. I'm working my way up to 1 pullup! I started at 3-4 x 130# and did 9 x 130# on Monday. I upped the weight to 145 on Tuesday and did 5 x 145.

I'm pretty bummed by knee problem has come back. I think my knee might just be defective. My other thought is that maybe I need to work on massaging/stretching my quads. My trigger point stuff came on Tuesday. Not sure whether it's helpful or quackery. I'm leaning towards helpful, but the DVD tries its best to make it look like quackery.

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