Thursday, December 03, 2009

week of 30 Nov

361' elliptical + 75' stationary bike + 69' running = 8h25' total

Mo - 65' elliptical + 15' stationary bike; Had to get up to 77 rpm on elliptical to hit 140bpm. ART at lunchtime.

Tu - 55' elliptical + 10' run on tm @ 6mph + 15' bike; butt hurt badly on run, between ab and leg (left of pubic bone) hurt but didn't run down inner thigh (improvement?); Hit 156bpm at end of run. Ugh I'm out of shape (~30 bpm too high!); elliptical rpms back post-run routine from Pete MacGill's blog -- static stretching, Clif bar, and ice. Because of logistics, my clif bar and ice comes after a shower, so not within 15 minutes. I've did the lunge matrix probably 5 times and the myrtle girdle probably 3. I also had 3 ART sessions.

Saturday's business (5k, new dog, pick up basketball equipment, take daughter to music lessons, ...) sunk my plans for 10 hours.

I noticed a pattern over the week. My elliptical hr was better on Monday. I think the poolrunning was easy over the weekend and I was rested. My hr then degraded until Friday after I cut back on Th and improved again on Sunday after the light day on Saturday.

It's a serious bummer that my run/walk program is what I told my 11 year old boy to do when he wanted to practice for the 5k. One foot in front of the other...

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Mindi said...

Forward progress is good. Congrats to your daughter (and you) on the 5K - and great news on the new puppy! Fun!