Tuesday, December 29, 2009

week of 21 December

Mo - "Rest" (drove to Atlanta for xmas)
Tu - 9.64, 1:34:41, 9:49
We - 10.00, 1:43:07, 10:19
Th am - 9.81, 1:33:48, 9:33
Th pm - 3.11, 32:20, 10:23
Fr - 3.22, 30:35, 9:30; Snuck in between unwrapping and lunch. Victory!
Sa - 8.75 1:21:50 9:21; hilly road. Felt faster today.
Su - 8.10, 1:20:00, 9:53; Time (and pace) a guess. Garmin out of juice and no watch.

Total - 52.65, 8:36:21, 9:48

Short, slow strides and picking it up -- At the end of all the runs I ran 3 or 4 strides. These were barely strides though. I just picked it up over 30 meters or so (sometimes longer). By mid-week that turned into running the last half-mile or so faster. I think this was good to get me out of the shuffling funk and I think had something to do with running faster on Saturday. I did notice that my shins were getting tight by the end of the week and I believe that was because of the strides. On Monday I didn't do any.

I'm curious to see how far I can get on slow running combined with strides and a sprinkling of fartlek. My guess is "pretty far."

My injury still lingers. My piriformis was considerably better but creeped back up when I stopped rolling my butt on the ball. I'm back on that and it's under control. The groin is the big trouble now. The knee is its usual self. I'm wondering if that has some structural problem that can only be overcome by a surgeon. I hope not.

I think I've made progress, but I realize that if I went back to the volumne and intensity that I had been doing I wouldn't be any better off, so am I better or just avoiding what hurts? In any case, I'm running now, which is good. The pain can linger if it wants as long as I'm not doing further damage.

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