Tuesday, August 07, 2007

week of 6 Aug

Mo -Rest

Tu - 8.3
Pfitz calls for 10 miles w/5 at tempo. I'm still feeling tired even after my cut back week, so I decided just to do my 8.3 mile route. I also did my fast to slow guy conversion. 5 mile tempo = 25-30 minutes. I did 25 minutes warmup, 26:40 over 3.35 miles (7:45 pace), and 24 minutes cooldown. I was probably more at marathon intensity for the first third to half of the tempo, but I was definitely at tempo at the end despite my slow pace. I'm hoping it's heat and humidity. Dew point was 71. wp7-2.

We - 12.0
Scheduled for 14, but there was no way. I couldn't run in, so I didn't have time and it was crazy humid outside. The dew point was 73, which is the highest this year by a couple of degrees. My pace ended up as something like 10:20 per mile and I was just glad to be done. wp7-2

Th - 5.0
Ran on treadmill. Mostly ran slowly, but got up to 145 for a little at the end to see what the pace was -- ~8:30. wp7-2

Fr - 10.66
In Atlanta. From parents to 1-mile loop (2.33), 6 laps around, and back. It actually felt better than DC. Once I got out of the shade though, the direct sunlight made it pretty tough. wp7-3 (new shoes)

Sa - 7.66

Same route as yesterday, but only 3 laps. Got out earlier and beat the sun. Wx felt like the best I've had in a while. 77/68 at 6am. wp7-3

Su - 20.4
Down at St Simons Island, GA. I've been dreading this run for a week and thought I'd have to break it in two (the forecast said 80/76). It turned out to be 77/73. I did an out and back past frederica until the road ends (you loop around a neighborhood) for 16.1 and then tacked on an airport loop (4.3). I took it very slowly and slogged through 10 minute miles. My heart rate was very low for the first 8 miles (less than 133) and kept the pace there. I picked it up a little around the airport. Overall average was 140. I drank a ton: 70 oz of gatorade. Used 3-3 breathing (higher rate helps when it's hot/humid I think). I tried recoverite. We'll see if that makes any difference. Didn't have any problems.

64 (pfitz scheduled 69)

wp7-1: 379
wp7-2: 260 + 25 = 285
wp7-3: 0 + 39 = 39

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