Friday, August 03, 2007

week of 30 July

Mo - Rest

Tu - 8.3
round the lake with 9 strides sprinkled in there.

We - 12.0
I did an out an back on the CCT. This time I stayed on it and looked to turn around about 4:15 after my usual 11.1 turnaround. At 4:20, I turned around at the beginning of a bridge. Ran back a little faster than I went out. I love out and backs for some reason.

Th - 4.68
nbrhd 1.5 laps. HRM didn't work (I couldn't connect.)

Fr - 11.1
Usual CCT out and back. 9:17 pace out, 8:46 pace back. 145 bpm average.

Sa - 5.05
1 nbhrd loop, to the track, 20 laps around -- MAF test like 2 weeks ago. *Much* slower today. 8:56 1st mile, 9:08 second versus 8:37 and 8:40 two weeks ago. Weather today was 75/67 versus 68/49 then. The dew point is evil. I should do these on the treadmill from now on, but I hate the treadmill.

Su - 13.8
Scheduled for a 14-miler thankfully. Ugly humidity. I planned to start at about 9 min/mi and cut it down each lap, but ended up at about 9:10 each lap. wp7-2

55 miles, 8h57m
I really didn't keep track of my shoes this week, so I'll just split the difference.
wp7-1: 356 + 23 = 379
wp7-2: 238 + 22 = 260

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