Tuesday, August 14, 2007

week of 13 Aug

Mo - 5.0
SSI. Out and back to corner of demere and frederica on demere side of airport loop. wp7-3

Tu - am 6.0, pm 4.0
AM. Out and back like yesterday but went farther to make it 6.0. 24:30/129 (demere out to frederica), 4:57/136, 5:30/136 (stopped at light), 22:32/142. total 57:28/136. PM same route cut to 4.0. 19:39/133 (demere to stewart), 19:29/145. total 39:08/140. wx was 91/76. Holy crap. I'm glad that's over. wp 7-3

We - 14.0
Ugly, hot, and slow.

Th - 5.0
Easy out and back. I didn't bring water and I think my HR rise might have actually been from dehydration. 23:28/128 out, and 22:22/145 back. total 45:51/137. It seems too fast, but I checked the distance again (roughly) with gmap-pedometer and got 4.96. wp7-3

Fr - 8.5
Counter-clockwise around airport and back. Warmup to Stewart (2.0) miles. Tempo around to beach store (2.24 miles) in 16:28/170 (7:21 pace) and back in 16:39/180 (7:26 pace). It was of course hot and humid. I felt like it was close to, if not, 10-mile race pace. Jog slowly back (2.24 miles). wp7-3

Sa - Rest
Drive back almost 12 hours from beach. Ugh. Wx fantastic in Virginia tonight though. It's supposed to hit the 50s overnight. 20 miles tomorrow.

Su - 20.3
What a day! The weather was overcast with a very light drizzle off and on. The temperature was 66/51 I started according to my local weather station although my car said 61. The wx station said 71/61 when I finished. Car said 72 degrees. 2:59:28/149 (8:51 pace). My last 20-milers before Frederick were 9:07 @ 148 bpm. I'm probably 10+ secs/mile faster accounting for the 1 bpm (yes, I'm anal). I feel I need to be 20-30 secs/mile faster at 148 on these 20-milers and I'll have a very good shot at 3:15 if the weather is as good or better. Today was upper 60s compared to those spring runs in the 30s and 40s, so I think I'm on track. My left knee was puffy again. The week on the concrete seems to have brought back the pain in the medial part of my left knee when running dowhill or taking the first running step (aka the hitch in my gitty-up). wp7-3

63 miles, 9h36m

wp7-1: 379
wp7-2: 285
wp7-3: 39 + 63 = 102

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