Saturday, August 25, 2007

week of 20 Aug

Mo - 6.0 am, 3.8 pm
AM Out to lake hodges (2.4), one lollipop (figure out how to do the loop), and back (2.4). I'm guessing 3.8 miles on the lollipop. I tried to gmap, but I get 3.35 which is clearly way off (I wasn't doing over 11 min/mi). PM. I drove to lake hodges and did one lollipop (3.8). Left knee still very balky tody.

Tu - 9.1 am, 4.8 pm
AM out to lake hodges. One lollipop and a 0.5 mile detour. PM. Did out and back to trail head (It was dark and I ran by moonlight. No chance to run on the trail.) Balky knee again, but strangely it seemed like it improved a little for the pm run. wp7-2

We - Rest

Th - 5.86
2 nbhrd laps. Felt the knee just a little at the beginning but then OK. wp7-3

Fr - 13.0
Overslept and ran in the afternoon on the treadmill. Got up to 6.5 mph (9:14) over maybe 30 minutes and then after 7 miles went to 6.9 mph (8:41) then the last three at 7.2 mph (8:20). Overall average was 9:00 min/mi, average 145 bpm. The knee was completely fine (but of course it was flat). I did something to my left achilles (about 5 inches from the ground) though. Started out as a little niggle and then just got worse. I hate treadmills. wp7-3

Sa - 2.93
Crazy hot and humid at 9:30am. Scheduled for 7, but it was so hot, my achilles was bothering me, and I ran last night. Cutting it short was wise. wp7-2

Su - 14.7
Scheduled for 15 w/12 at MP. Used the annapolis 10-miler as a training run. I did a very slow 4 laps on the path around the stadium (4x1.18 = 4.72 per gmap) in 48 something. I didn't drink any water this and I think I started the race a little dehydrated. Heart rates were 162, 169, 171, 172, 172, 172, 172, 173, and 181 (got impatient). Splits ranged from 7:55 to 8:50(!). Time was 1:23:46. 8:23 pace. Holy crap am I slow. Weather was 73 degrees with a dew point of 72. Holy crap was it humid. Is humidity that bad? Lots of self doubt on making my qualifier this fall.

60 miles, 9h25m (scheduled 66 -- most was shorting Sat run)
wp7-2: 285 + 27 = 312
wp7-3: 102 + 33 = 135

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