Monday, June 11, 2007

week of June 11

Mon - 5.86
2x nbhrd loop *really* slow. 10:12 min/mi. 132 bpm average. wp7-1

Tu - 8.3
good old lake A lollipop. Weather was good (65/55) and I was motivated to run a wee bit faster than recently but still low heart rate (avg 140). I also felt my hamstring a "wee bit" too. Time was 1:19:24 (9:34 pace), so it's good to be below 10mm again. Good run. wp7-2.

We - 10.5
Ran to work. wx 64/61 - 65/63. More humid than yesterday, but I felt OK. Right at 10mm again, but probably 9:40-9:45 if you exclude stop lights. Set HRM alarm to 145 and average 136 bpm. Maybe I'm turning a corner? Weighed 158-3/4 on drs scale at work. Exactly the same as on 4/30. Hamstring was fine. Felt it just a tad in the last mile or so. wp7-1.

Th - 4.7
1.5 nbhrd loops. 9:45 min/mi @135 bpm.

Fr - 10.5
Ran to work. Very nice day. 57/53. I was motivated by the weather and ran a little faster, but still a pretty low heart rate. 9:17 min/mi @141 bpm. Got very lucky on the stop lights. wp7-2

Sa - 2.9
I debated running at all since my legs felt pretty heavy. I settled on just one nbhrd loop. 9:52 pace. HRM was whacky until the last 5 minutes or so.

Su - 18.4
Four lake B loops kind of in the style of the marathon build up. Very similar avg hr (148 today versus 149 then), but a lower first lap and a higher last lap. 9:33 pace. Felt very good. Impossible to compare to the spring since it was much warmer. 66/61 - 79/62. I think it was a good run considering the temps. I also didn't feel my hamstring until the last lap and then it was only a little tight. Had a cold water bath and for the first time did some core conditioning exercises. wp7-2

61 miles, 9h51m
wp7-1: 165 + 21 = 186
wp7-2: 40 + 40 = 80

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