Monday, June 18, 2007

week of 18 June

Mo - 4.7
1.5 nbhrd loops. Very warm, but decent pace at 9:37 min/mi. HR was OK too I think. I felt my hamstring/calf a little in the last 10 minutes though. I also felt it some in the last hour yesterday. I felt like I ran very upright for some reason. Could it be the crunches? Doesn't seem possible. wp7-2

Tu - 9 miles
Ran the Lake Hodges trail. From the hotel 2.4, wrong way and back on trail .5, out and back on trail 3.7, back to hotel 2.4 for 9 miles. The trail part was run pretty hard for only 10mm. I did the distance on gmap, but there were lots of twists and turns, so who knows if it's right.

We - 9.5 miles am, 3.3 miles pm
From the hotel 2.4, wrong way and back on trail 1.0, out and back on trail 3.7, back to hotel 2.4 for 9 miles. Down at shelter island in San Diego bay, I did basically a slow "lap" around the island at 10:30 min/mi. My first double. Not a bad way to do it!

Th - Rest
travelling back from west coast

Fr - 8.3
Usual Lake A loop. I was a little rambunctious with some good weather and got to the lake in 21 minutes, but my hamstring *really* tightened up after 30 minutes. Crap. I slowed down and made it home. I'm paying from my exuberance in San Diego I'm afraid.

Sa - 4.1
Slow neighborhood loop. Running while trying to keep my right foot from splaying took the pressure off my "outer" hamstring and calf.

Su - 13.8
I didn't want to push it and run 18. I did this at a a pretty high heart rate though. 44:34/137 (9:41), 43:08/148 (9:23), 41:10/165(!) (8:57). 9:21 min/mi @150 over a short distance. Obviously this is quite pitiful. Felt the hamstring the whole time, but the non-splaying of the foot seemed to help. This is basically the same injury I DNFd the 10K for back in February.

What seemed like a turnaround week ended up as a setback. I'm not sure what to do at this point. More long, slow distance or go back to Benji, but with modest/no speed (i.e. short slow distance). I think I might need those back-to-back short days on Fr/Sa to get back to form, but I'll have to suffer some low 50s weeks with no speed.

53 miles, 8h26m (9:36 avg)
wp7-1: 186 + 48 = 234
wp7-2: 80 + 5 = 85

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