Tuesday, March 13, 2007

week of 12 March

Mo - 4.1
41:07/137. Plain old recovery run. shoes: wp6-1

Tu - 10.5
1:47:01/136. Ran to work. Benji would call for 6x800 hard or something, but I don't think I'm up to this yet. 10+ miles will have to be a big enough day for Tuesday. I just ran slowly and concentrated on my form. I actually found myself doing ball-heel-toe running I believe. Not sure I'm doing it right. My knees were a little more bent than normal. This evening, my right hip is a little sore, but perhaps that's from using them as I should be. The shoe heel seemed to get in the way a little. shoes: wr9-1

We - 4.1
41:06/134. One second slower than Monday. Heart rate was lower though. I believe it was a little higher on Monday from the long run the day before.

Th - 10.5
Ran to work. Weather said 58 deg! I think it was actually about 5 degrees cooler, which is even better. I planned on working in 3 x (10 tempo/5 easy), but wasn't sure how it would work with the traffic lights. It ended up 29:57/133 wup, 10:55/162 (max 168), 8:30/146, 11:06/165 (max 173), 5:04/144, 7:04/169 (max 178 -- uphill), 24:50/145 cdn. I'm not sure of the distances, for the first two but I believe the last was .97 miles (7:17 pace) based on google earth. It's possible I started one driveway later than I remember and it was actually 7:45 pace, but I don't think so. I felt like the last tempo was the slowest of the three despite the higher heart rate (it takes me about 3 miles to get up to heart rate in a 10M race, so this is expected). I also think these were probably slower than 10M pace, but it's hard to tell. I have a very hard time pushing myself outside of races. The back of my left leg was getting pretty tight at the end of the last tempo, which is worrisome.

I worked on my form during the tempo's and I think something clicked. I was driving my knees forward more and picking up my feet more (coming closer to kicking myself in the rear). Sometimes I felt like I was picking them up before they landed. Anyway, it seemed faster and also seemed to take some pressure off my hamstrings. If my legs get out in front, I'm loading the back of my legs as I brake and than contracting them against that resistance to "paw" my way forward, which can't be good.

Fr - 4.05
Ran on the treadmill. Strangely, I wasn't sore at all from Thursday. Last week I was sore for two days after the tempo run. Maybe it's because I ran the tempo a little slower? Weighed 163 this morning. Argh. Where did that weight loss go? I did eat like a pig two days this week, but not that much!

Sa - 4.11
38:59/139. One and a half nbrhd loops. I was surprised to see 134 bpm shortly after I started. It was in the 20s and I tend to start faster when it's cold. I think I'm just trying to get warm. Anyway it ended up 9:29 pace. That seems about what it was on some short runs before I did the marathon in October for about the same heart rate. I think I'm in better shape though. I felt something on the right side of my left knee before I started, but didn't feel it during or after. Hopefully nothing. I could still feel my hamstring, but it didn't affect my running. I weighed 158 this morning, which was pretty surprising.

Su - 20.3
3:14:11/150. Ran this like last week, but a little harder (paricularly in the last lap+). Pace was 9:35 min/mi, about what I was shooting for. That's 30 sec/mi slower than Benji's schedule. I thought about making this 3h30m, but I was pretty spent and weenied out. I think Before I do more than 20 miles, I think I'll have to be faster, so I can do it with less time on my feet. Didn't feel the knee thing from yesterday at all until I started walking after I was done. Strange. Weighed 159 after my run (and after eating and drinking 40-50 oz of fluid).

57.6 miles
Did all the 40 min runs in wave precisions and the rest in wave riders.
wp6-1: 38 + 17 = 55
wr10-1: 244 + 41 = 285


aharmer said...

Hey Greg, thanks for the note. My TM runs are more informative because of the obvious lack of hills, etc. My pace remains remarkably steady on the TM, and in fact usually ends up at a faster pace than when I start the segment.

Outdoors there is slightly more variability due to the conditions. Today I did 6M at 147HR and the splits are here:


I'm really interested to see how it goes because when I do my 147 segments I feel like it's too fast to maintain for 26M. However, I know I can hold a HR of 159 for a half-marathon so by the literature I should be able to support at least 150 in a marathon. What does your half vs. full HR data look like?

I've also read that the better aerobic shape you're in the more difficult it is to get up to the higher % HR's. Have you read the same? I hope it means that it's more difficult to get there but you're able to hold it longer!

One thing I know for sure...it really opened the eyes of my running buddy. He absolutely couldn't believe we were running that speed and my HR was under 150. Interestingly, he made the comment that "I feel great even though I'm at 175bpm, but I know I'll die at 20M". I think that's why a lot of people feel completely comfortable running at extremely high heart rates because in short bursts it doesn't feel difficult at all. He would tell you that today's run was an easy one even though half was at 79% HR and half at 92% HR.

Greg said...

"What does your half vs. full HR data look like?"

My half heart rates were 180 and 182. My fulls were 172, 172, 173, and 173. Fulls were about 95% of half, so 150 seems more than reasonable for you (150/159 = 94%).

You probably won't average 150 in your first fives mile though. My heart rate splits for the first five miles of my last marathon were 161, 170, 170, 169, 169. That averages to 168 and my pace was very close to my race pace (my splits were very even). My average for the race was 173 so the average for the first five miles was about 3% lower.