Friday, February 19, 2010

Feelmax shoes

Took these for a 2-mile spin last night. I've been doing some barefoot running -- 20' in socks on the treadmill -- but wanted to take it outside. These are kind of the less dorky looking version of the vibram five fingers. It's definitely totally different than running in my 7 oz Wave Ronins. The run sucked because I was going on and off the road trying not to get killed and trying to tip toe around cars and trash cans that blocked the sidewalk. I had a couple of unintentional strides when a car was coming and I need to get to a driveway to get off the road. My brain took over and the acceleration started with your hips and upper thighs rather than reaching out to lenghthen my stride. It's really quite different.

The bad news is that I got the wrong size. I measured my foot (damn European sizes) and got a 42 but needed a 43. It's OK for a few miles though. If I ever work up to anything long, I'll need a bigger pair to save my toenails.

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Mindi said...

Wow. I'll be interested in seeing how these work out for you.