Saturday, August 15, 2009

week of 3 August

Hills 5
Foam Roller Exercises 1-2 x this week
Weights 1-2x week-on days of your choice
Core 100 1-2 x week – 100 total reps of ab/back exercises
7 weeks to goal 10k
MPW 56

Totals: 55.0 miles + 60' swimming

Monday, Aug 3

PM: Did weights at work. Came home. Mowed the lawn. Went to the pool and swam 30' breast stroke.

Tuesday, Aug 4
7-8 mile easy to moderate including 3 x 30 sec high knees up a hill, 3 x 40 1 leg hops for distance up a hill, and 3x 30 sec speed bounds up a hill

8.07 including 3 x 30 high knees, 6 x 20'' speed bounds, and 3 x 40 leg hops (that was tough). Miles were in 9:10-9:30 range except the first mile, the drills, and coming up the big hill.

Wednesday. Aug 5
9-11 mile total moderate run including 8 x 3 min hills @ 10k feel w/2-3 min jog rests. Finish run w/10 strides

11.0 @ 9:23. Ran up my 3-minute hill 8 times and jogged back down. My apologies to the young couple on the bench, but it's the only 3-minute hill in town! I did 7 strides. Strides are always tough after hills/intervals and I worked my way up in speed. I could really feel my hip/butt thing though and it was starting to radiate, so I stopped.

PM: 30 min XT moderate

I flew to Atlanta and didn't get this done. (I did on Monday instead.)

Thursday, Aug 6
4-6 miles easy
6.0 @ 9:17. Warm, but surprisingly less humid in Atlanta than DC. Maybe it's just hotter and lower relative humidity?

Friday, Aug 7
8 mile moderate run over rolling hills including SNW and 10 x 100m increasing effort strides w/1 min jog rests. Run the first stride @ 5k effort and the last stride @ 800m effort. Full recovery then 60 sec’s @ 3k effort

8.0 @ 8:28. (1:07:45). Nice moderate run. I did all as prescribed. Ran 2.4 to a 1-mile loop. The 2.4 was mostly flat, but the loop has one end 30-50' higher than the other, so I think I can call that rolling. I did the strides as described on the way back.

PM: 30 min XT moderate

Skipped. Nowhere to cross-train really.

Saturday, Aug 8 Vacation
6-8 mile easy run
8.0 @ 9:24. Took the short cut (1.1 miles) to the loop because I thought the crushed gravel would be better for my legs than the concrete/asphalt. Afterwards, drove to the beach.

Sunday, Aug 9
13-15 mile total moderate run including 3 x 8 min @ 10k feel w/2 min jog rests between reps. 10 min jog rest then 6 x 45 sec’s @ 3k effort x w/1 min jog recoveries

13.9 @ 8:33. Down on the Ga coast. Very rough weather. 75.2 deg, 75.2 dew pt at 6:45. The sun was blocked by fog(!) thankfully. 75 and foggy. Did a little under 7 out to Ft. Frederica. Despite the brutal conditions, my heart rate wasn't terrible. ~133 at 9:00 early and then 8:44/142, 9:10/144 before the turnaround.

I turned around and did the 3 x 8' @ 10k w/ 2' jog rests. I shot for ~7:00 because I run 7:01 at the 10k in June and the conditions here are worse (although the terrain is flatter). First was 7:07/168 (I think the Garmin cheated me slightly on the twisty sidewalk as it said 7:46 after 1m30sec). Second was 6:56/179. I might have run that a little hard. Third was 7:08/180. Early in this I relaxed and was about 6:55, but I took my eye off my watch and slowed some. Still this was quite a workout.

I did the 6 x 45'' on the strip by the airport. By now the fog had burned off and I was in the blazing sun. My heart rate didn't get much below 170 during the rests and I averaged 177 over the 6x45'' including the rest intervals. I was gassed and did the last 0.5 cooldown in 9:00 at 175bpm!

I drank 20oz of gatorade during the run, but this was rough.

PM: 30 min XT moderate
I got a weekly pass at a gym on the island and did the weights and 30 minutes of breaststroke.

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