Monday, April 09, 2007

week of 9 April

Mo - 4.1
Nbhrd loop. Legs felt surprisingly good for the day after a long run. I thought about my form and ran this without picking up my knees so much, but picking my feet up and leaning forward a little. I can't tell whether it makes any difference. 38:28/137. Basically like Saturday. What happened to the Friday magic? Maybe that was the post-tempo HR suppression. My weight was 156 after the run?! Can that be right? I never even saw 157. Maybe I'm dehydrated. I believe I was 155 when I graduated from college 14 years ago. 156 would be great, but I can't believe it.

Tu - 10.66
Bear with the g-mapping pointless precision. Plan was to do a little short of 1 nbhrd loop (2.86-.24 =2.62), but I overshot, so call it 2.59, plus 9 times the new hill loop (9*.44 mile), plus a nbhrd loop and a half (4.11) for 10.66. Up the hill was ~0.15 miles. It was dark and I couldn't see my watch, so I'm glad the splits for the hills turned out as well as they did (although I miscounted and only ran 9)
1:21 up, 2:31 jog down and around
1:21, 2:33
1:21, 2:34
1:20, 2:32
1:19, 2:35
1:20, 2:37
1:21, 2:35
1:17, 2:36
I would have sworn the first couple were the fastest. Glad I didn't fade. Hill was between 49 and 62 according to the old T6. 55 ft in .15 is a 7% grade. Of course that means I was doing 9 min/mi which seems way slow. No way to know for sure. Anyway, on the last two my left foot hurt on top towards the outside (like when you turn your ankle). Hopefully nothing bad. I was surprised when the neighborhood loop went in 36:32/148 (8:53 pace). After running a little harder, I usually find my deliberately slow jog (I even walked for 60 steps) is faster than my normal pace. Weight 157 after.

We - 4.1
Nbhrd loop and a half. Probably should have jogged a little slower. Scale (digital) was wonky. I stepped on it 4 times and saw 160, 155, 159, and 159. I'll call it 159.

Th - 11.44
4 nbhrd loops. 4*2.86 = 11.44. Did a 1.90 miles of tempo at the beginning of the second and third loops, which gave ~9 minutes jog between. First was 14:10/164 (7:27 min/mi) and second was 14:04/169 (7:24 min/mi). I'm surprised they were that slow. I felt more comfortable on the second than the first for some reason. I can't believe I ran 25 sec/mi faster than that? Can't imagine doing that for 26.2. Still, I didn't have the heavy "lactic" feeling in my legs I normally have after the last tempo intervals and looking at the first 15 minutes of my PR marathon, I average 165 or 166, which compares favorably to the 164 above. During the run, I tried to concentrate on not raising my knees and picking up my feet behind me. I'm not sure whether that's right or not. Weighed 160. My left foot really hurt in the arch when I was walking barefoot afterwards. It might be PF, but didn't feel the same. The overall pace today was 8:48, which I believe is the first time I've ever averaged under 9 min/mi for an entire training run (seems crazy).

Fr - 4.1
Maybe it was because I was cold or because my legs felt better, but I started off faster than a normal recovery run and just kept clicking. My pace was 8:55 min/mi. Average HR was 141, which is considerably higher than a normal recovery jog (133-137). I should be more than fine for my long run on Sunday, so I don't see the harm.

Sa -4.1
'round the nbhrd. 38:21/136 (9:21 min/mi).

Su - 20.3
Steady rain and 45 degrees. Funny, but the the lake wasn't too popular today. I skipped the ice bath after I got home and opted for a hot shower instead. I hope the tights soaked in 45 degree rain water did the trick. I felt very strong. My mental math wasn't that good and I thought I was slower than last week, but it turned out I was only a whopping 5 seconds slower this week at the same average heart rate (9:07 min/mi @ 148bpm). I felt strong at the end of this one. I also noticed my heart rate was lower at the end. The out and back last week was 16:40/164. Today it was 16:37/161. I should also give the nod to today since I ran in waterlogged shoes. The trail was full of puddles and had a few areas where it was flooded about a foot under water. The rain was a little annoying at first, but once I let go of the idea of staying dry it turned into a nice run. I had the beautiful trail almost completely to myself and listening to Dave Van Ronk's Fair and Gentle Ladies in solitude near the end more than made up for getting a little wet.

My foot bothered me again. In the last lap, it felt sore just behind the ball of my left foot. I expected it to hurt walking barefoot at home, but it wasn't as bad as Thursday. I was shivering when I got home and decided to skip the ice bath and take a hot shower instead. Hopefully my rain-soaked tights and waterlogged shoes made up for it :)

59 miles, 8h54m
wp6-1: 167 + 59 = 226
wr10-1: 335 + 0 = 335

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