Tuesday, April 03, 2007

week of 2 April

Mo - 4.1
Slow around the neighborhood. Ouch, ooch. Still smarting from the race. Weighed 160 after the run. I fell off the wagon on Friday (McD for lunch and pizza for dinner) and then had some celebratory chips ahoy and ice cream on Sunday.

Tu - 10.5
Ran to work. Benji thinks I'm doing hills two days after a race? He's crazy. Just slow and easy to work. Took some walk breaks, especially on downhills. 1:43:26/134. A little under 10 min/mi pace.

We - 4.1
Plodded around the neighborhood in 39:19. Still very sore. I don't see how I'll run a tempo tomorrow. Weighed 161 after the run. What happened to the weight loss? Maybe this is just the temporary weight gain after a race I've seen before. Swelling of some sort? Wish I'd have remember to take an ice bath on Sunday.

Th - 10.5
1:34:17/144 (9:01 pace). I think this was my faster ever run in to work, but I attribute a lot of that to hitting ever stoplight at just the right time. I also got to the lake about a minute quicker in part because it was cold and I tend to start quick to get warm. My legs were still quite sore, but not as bad. No way could I do the normal tempo run, but I didn't want to wait around until Sunday to get a workout in either, so I decide to do two ~10-minutes stretches of some faster running, but not tempo pace. 1st was 10:01/154 (max 165) over 1.27 miles (7:55 pace) and 2nd was 9:40/157 (max 165) over 1.27 miles (7:38 pace). My avg HR during the first mile of the NCR marathon was @161 bpm, so I think something 7:45ish is in the cards allowing for the race day elevation in the first mile. I think I'll try BQ pace at the 10-miler two weeks out to see what it's like.

Fr - 4.1
It was cold this morning (36 degrees) and my legs were a lot less sore. When I started, I felt like I had a little spring in my step and might have been going a little fast, but checked my HR and it was 125. I had the same feeling the rest of the run where I'd look at my watch and it would be 5 bpm lower than I expected from the speed. Pace was 9:15 min/mi which is about 20 sec/mi faster than it's been since I started this route and my heart rate was 133 which is as low as it has been. This is despite walking for about 30 secs to get a knot out of my left calf. I think my legs will be good by Sunday's long run. Weight was 159. Again, I've seen the same things where my weight goes up a couple of pounds after a hard race and it's back down by Thursday. Maybe it's some residual inflammation?

Sa - 4.1
Cold again and legs feeling even better. I think I raced this a little bit, trying to capture the magic of yesterday. It wasn't there. 9:19 min/mi, but my heart rate was 5 bpm higher. 5 is a lot.

Sun - 20.3
I always seem to dither before getting out on Sunday. I think I secretly hate 20-milers. Anyway, this one is in the books and it went quite well. My trend of progressively faster long runs continues (although this was a few bpm higher than last week). Today was 3:05:23/148 (9:07 pace). It was faster than my 1.5 year old 20 mile race PR. Splits were 43:24/135, 41:50/144, 41:59/149, 41:29/158, 8:19/163 (out), 8:21/165 (back). My last 4 20-milers (4 of the last 5 weeks with a race thrown in) have been 9:41 min/mi (152 bpm), 9:35 min/mi (151), 9:23 min/mi (147), 9:07 min/mi (148). My paces have finally fallen to Benji's recommendations of 9:34 easy, 9:05 long run for a 43 min 10K runner (which I looked at based on my 5 mile time).

57.6 miles, 8h58m
wp6-1: 109 + 58 = 167
wr10-1: 335 + 0 = 335
all runs were in the precisions

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