Sunday, September 01, 2013

week of 26 August

Schedule calls for 4 hard runs plus one of the "easy" runs is 120 minutes?  Oh, and don't have hard runs back-to-back.  Kinda tough, especially if you figure Monday comes after a long run day.  I made things worse by taking my off day on Tuesday because of work/life.  I was faced with the 4 hard days plus the 120' in the last 5 days of the week.  I think I mixed them as well as possible but ended up running 51' easy on Friday and cutting out one of the workouts.  Here's how it went
  • Mon.  46' E1.  10:00 on treadmill watching Breaking Bad
  • Tue.  Off.  Didn't get any sleep and had to leave early for meeting.  Schedule has off day each week.  I took it today.  There are also 4 workout days, so back-to-back easy days is not ideal!
  • Wed.  7.26 miles.  16' E1 + 20:02  E3 + 2' recovery + 10 x (45" E4 + 15" rec) + 16' E1
    • ran at track.  20:02 covered 4200 meters  (7:40 pace -- was very constant)
    • Took about 9 minutes into E3 for HR to reach 170, which is a bit higher than marathon HR 9 minutes into a race, but was up around 179 after 20, which is near HM heart rate.
      • It was 72 degrees and 100% humidity
    • My cadence was 90-92 strides/minute.  OK, I have a fancy foot pod.
  • Thur.  8.20 miles.  16'E1 + 8x(3'E3|1'E4|1'R) + 16'E1.
    • fast part was out and back on hunter village and cross county back path with first 5' downhill
    • turned around at 20' and ended up exactly where I started after 20' on way back.
  • Fri.  51' E1.  4.69.  10:55 pace.
    • legs sore.  No way would it be a good idea to do the fast stuff today
  • Sat.  120'  E1.  12 miles 10:00 on treadmill
    • 2 episodes of The Wire
    • pretty sore still
  • Sun.  3 hours.  15 miles.  3' walk/7' run alternating 3mph (20:00) and 6mph (10:00) on treadmill
    •   3 episodes of The Wire
    • was worried after yesterday, but no problem
    • slow and not that far, but point is time on feet
  • Total:  51.4 miles.  8h58'
  • Weight:  169.8.
Getting legs sore with MPish cruise intervals followed by good old fashioned LSD seemed like a good enough plan.

Not doing well on the diet.

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