Sunday, August 25, 2013

week of 19 August

  • Mon.  Off.  Pretty sore from long run yesterday and schedule has an off day for week, so...
  • Tue.  10.1 miles.  21' E1 + 8x(6'E3|1'E1) + 17' E1
  • Wed.    4.5 miles.  46' E1
  • Thur.  5.45 miles.  56' E1 on treadmill.
  • Fri.  10.0 miles.  30'E3 + 2 rec + 10 x (1'E4 | 1' rec)
    • about 7:50 pace on flat for first 15 of E3.  Kept pace through trail but heart rate rose.
  • Sat.  4.80 miles.  49'E1
  • Sun.  15 miles at 10:00.  2h30' E1.  Surprisingly easy
  • Total:  49.5 miles. 8h05'.  9:48 pace
  • Weight:  170.8?!  I'm 17 pounds above my low from Summer of 2010.  I would be crushing it at 153.
Mileage down this week because I took the off day and last week I ran 8 one day instead of 45' as schedule calls for.  Right now I'm strengthening my legs. I need to get them back in shape after months of just slogging 10 minute miles.  I slogged the 15 today, but just because it's my first time at that distance in forever.

I started the slow carb diet on Saturday.  Saturday was rough.  I was hungry and couldn't think straight.  All was better after sleeping though.  I thought I'd suffer on the long run, but I was totally fine -- better than expected actually.  I also thought I'd be dead the rest of the day after my run, but no problem.  I didn't even take my usual sunday afternoon long-run nap.

I'm not pressing the marathon pace bits too much, especially with summer weather.  The HRM (and experience) takes the guesswork out of it.  I figure I'm good for about 3:30 shape if I run at ~166 pounds. I'm not going to kill myself trying to run 7:30's as MP when I'm not in shape for that.  The plan is to train like a 3:30 runner and drop the weight and times.


Jimmy Brunelle said...

From one current relative fatty to another, Greg: you're training is looking good and good luck with the slow-carb diet. Hope you shed the stored energy. Keep going! --Jimmy

Greg said...

Thanks, Jimmy. Great to hear from you in the blogosphere and good to find a couple of (relatively) new Crusted Salts!