Sunday, June 02, 2013

Week of 27 May

Good week.  Kids had swim meet Sat/Sun and had to leave the house at 6:20am.  Proud of myself for getting up and out the door to run at 4:30am.  Doubled both days, too.

I did hill repeats on Tuesday preceding by two short (10 second) hill sprints.  I'm trying to get my running form back after slogging 11-minute miles.  The hills seem to help engage my glutes.  I did ~2:05 two weeks ago and now under 2:00 to get to the same point.  Granted, it's at a higher heart rate, but it was relatively easier as I just couldn't make my legs go before.

I also stopped wearing my Wave Ronins that must have had over 3000 miles on them (seriously).  I wore the black part off the bottom of the shoe in the heel.  I gave the Free 3.0v3's another chance and like them now.  My hip also has felt *much* better.  I think a lot of my problem was giving up the Hattoris (zero heel drop) when I started running on trails (rocks hurt my feet).  The new Frees only have a 4mm heel drop, so close enough I guess.

I'm also wearing my HRM again.  Most people wear one to slow themselves down.  I'm the opposite.  I'm trying to keep it above 130bpm at least.

Most importantly, I've quit sugar again in an effort to get my weight down.  I've hit over 170 for the first time since the first year I started running.  I think my "set point" has changed after a year or so of lower mileage.  It was tough for me to eat myself over 165 for a long time.  Not so anymore.

All of the detailed tracking isn't really necessary.  Weight and mileage are 95% of the equation.  Over 60 and under 160 is my mantra for the marathon.  I'll do something faster (like the hill repeats) once or twice a week and try to keep my mileage up.  I'd like to get back to doubling also.  Running 20 minutes instead of eating when I get home doesn't hurt

  • Mon
    • 8:57 AM   7.79    1:21:33    10:28    132 (66%)
    • 5:27 PM   2.22    0:25:24    11:26    136 (68%)
  • Tue           8.15    1:28:46    10:53    147 (73%)
  • Wed           4.70    0:49:22    10:30    131 (65%)
  • Thu           9.14    1:34:23    10:20    134 (67%)
  • Fri          10.21    1:41:35     9:57    136 (68%)
  • Sat
    • 4:32 AM   7.82    1:19:20    10:09    132 (66%)
    • 6:30 PM   2.50    0:25:05    10:02    138 (69%)
  • Sun
    • 4:34 AM   7.84    1:20:48    10:19    134 (67%)
    • 4:58 PM   2.70    0:27:00    10:00    125 (62%)
This Week        63.07  10:53:16     10:21    135 (68%)  

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