Sunday, April 03, 2011

Cherry Blossom

I had a pretty good race, but didn't get the desired PR (65:55/6:35 pace), so that ends my streak of 10M PRs at Cherry Blossom.

Basically I went out too fast and died. But I felt so good early on! 6:38, 6:30, 6:24, 13:05 (4&5), 6:34, 6:35, 6:40, 6:49, 6:58. 1:06:17, so missed it by 23 seconds. After mile 9, I was exactly on pace and only had to run one more 6:35 to PR, but I was headed in the wrong direction. I didn't feel like I was redlining, but I suddenly just didn't have any pop in my stride. I put in a surge after the mile marker, but looked at my garmin a minute later and was still only 6:45 pace. Knowing I wasn't going to make it, I probably backed off a hair in the last mile although keeping under 7 minutes was some motivation. I have to kick myself for that 6:24 2nd mile, but it certainly felt good at the time :-) A smarter race and I might have PR'd. Overall it was a good race though and I'm in near-PR shape, so I stand a good chance at getting the sub-40 10k I'm after.

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