Sunday, January 16, 2011

weeks of 3 and 10 January

54.81mi - 8.3hrs
52.46mi - 7.7hrs
Figured out how to cut and paste from runsaturday so that the links actually work.

Started running more "quality." I don't think my new job's going to allow me to pile on the miles like last year and it's going to take something to PR this year.

All runs are easy above except

9 Jan - aborted workout. Planned 18 x 2' @ marathon to HMP w/1' recovery, but my hamstring tightened up (10k after affects still) and I only did 4 of them before finishing the run easy

11 Jan - Did 9 Jan's workout.

13 Jan - Structured fartlek with 25 x 45 sec/15 sec recovery at somewhere between marathon and 10k effort (who knows?).

16 Jan - fartlek. 10 x 45 sec @ 10k-3k (probably 10k to 5k pace actually). Complete rest. Did the 45 sec about every 5 minutes.

The 16 Jan run was straight from "Run Faster from the 5k to the Marathon" by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald. After lots of indecision, I decided to use their half marathon plan for Cherry Blossom. It's 16 weeks, but I'm coming in at week 6. It should be OK, I think, though as the first part is the introductory period and seems to assume pretty low mileage. The schedule from here looks like it's in the 50's and peaks in the 60s. Sun long run, easy run with some very short hill sprints (e.g., 8x10 sec) on Monday, workouts Tu and Fr (the usual), medium length easy run (like 10 miles) on Wed., and easy on Fr and Sat. I'm glad to have finally settled on a plan.

I probably won't do the marathon in May. Might as well save it for the fall when it will count for NYCM. By the way, I had the auto-qualifier time wrong -- it's 3:10:00 no 3:15:00! That's good though. I'm up for a challenge :-) If I want to weenie out though, they have a half time of 1:30:00, which would be way easier for me.

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