Tuesday, January 25, 2011

week of 17 January

With cherry blossom about 10 weeks away, I started my first full week of Hudson's half marathon training. Basically the format is sunday long run, monday easy with short hill sprints, tue speed-endurance, wed med long run, th easy, fri threshold, sat easy.

Threshold tempos are 2.5h pace, 1.5hr pace (HM) for me, and 1hr pace (a little faster the 10M pace for me).

All runs on TM this week except Monday.

  • Mo - 6 easy w/ 4x8" hill sprints
  • Tu - 8 mi w/8x1' 10k-3k pace on sched. I did on TM with 8x1' at 9mph (6:40) with last three at 9.3 mph(6:27)
  • We - 10 easy
  • Th - 6 easy
  • Fr - Did 2 x 10' at 7:00 down to 6:40 I think with 5:00 rest.
  • Sa - 7 easy
  • Su - 10 w/ 10' near end at 6 deg and HR about 160bpm
Not going well this week. Big deadlines at work and I barely slept last night, so I bagged my run this morning.

I'm not religiously following the Hudson plans in the back of the book. I'm progressing the Su/Tu/Th runs as I feel I'm capable.

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