Sunday, October 24, 2010

week of 17 October

43.68mi - 6.3hrs

Not enough sleep on the 18th and slept in on the 19th. My foot is behind me I think because I had some groin pain that was worse :-) I think it's the after effect of a small pull/strain I got picking some of the kids stuff off the floor. Man, I feel old. Anyway, my hip flexors (psoas I think) were kind of sore after Thursday, so I took it really easy Friday morning. I think I was sore because I've changed my form with the quicker turnover. Sat was a really nice 10 miler around the lake and I explored a new trail a bit. That's the longest I've run since the injury. It was 8:32/mile and it felt good. Avg HR 147. I really felt like I had the correct, very slight forward lean. If had video tape of it, of course, I probably looked like hell. Sunday morning was a run around the lake with the weekend coffee crew.

I have thoughts of going to the track to see where I am, so expect an injury report soon. I might hold off a while though. I'm thinking of doing a 10k on 20 Nov, but if I can't run even 800s at 4'/k pace, then there's no point in signing up (might do the 5k instead).

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