Sunday, August 29, 2010

week of 23 August -- Annapolis 10 miler training run

Only one week since my last post. Here was this week. No travel, so no missed days. I still need to figure out a way to get more miles in during the week though.

Mon-Fri was 8.6/9:17/132, 7.9/8:51/136, 7.9/8:57/136, 7.9/8:55/138, 8.6/8:48/136

The weather was awesome during the week and I got to run with temps in the low 60's. I got out late and ran in the blazing sun on saturday in about 80 degrees

Sa - 7.9/8:50/151. Harder than I wanted to run.

Sunday was the annapolis 10 miler. Ran a 1.7 mile/10:00/138 wup. I came up with my "plan" right before the gun went off. I'd start at whatever pace the people around me were running and then work my way to roughly marathon HR (usually at 172 mid-way in a marathon), maybe running the last mile fast if I felt like it. I was at 1:07:58 at the 9 mile mark and thought I could easily get under 1:15 if I picked it up, so I ran the last about as fast as I could and was surprised to see 1:15:03. Mile marker was off. Oh, well. (The mile markers were screwy the whole race. 1.1/8:44/162 cdn.

Here are the splits (garmin pace) and a comparison to 2008 (very similar weather) when I did the same sort of MP approach to the race.

-2008------- -2010--

Total for the week 61.1/8:44/143.

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Mindi said...

Nice! Those are some great numbers!