Sunday, August 22, 2010

last 3 weeks - run on soft surfaces

Vacation, travel, and sore legs have put a damper on the mileage.

Week 2 Aug, 44.9 miles -- 7.9, 7.9, 7.9, 3.1 (overslept), 7.9, 0 (travel for vacation), 10.2
Week 9 Aug, 52.5 miles -- 8, 7.4, 8, 8.3, 8, 0 (travel back from vacation), 12.7
Week 16 Aug, 49.1 miles -- 7.5, 5.5 (tired - on work travel), 0 (tired, sore), 7.9, 8.6 (lake route), 8.6 (lake route), 11 (treadmill)

Mileage isn't near what I'd like. I'm afraid that I've lost the advantage I've gained with the weight loss with the reduced mileage, but I think the scale still tips in my favor. My legs really got beat up the week of 9 August. We were on an island which was totally flat, but the bike paths and sidewalks I ran on were all concrete. It really does seem to make a difference. I ran in Burlington Mass on sidewalks on the 16th and still felt it. I thought it might be the surfaces and ran my old lake trail route on Friday and Saturday (about half street/sidewalk and half trail). My legs seemed to really respond. I'm going to try and get out a little earlier so I can manage the extra 7 minutes and run around the lake.

The 2 hour run took its toll as well. I don't think I can support long runs until I start finding the time for the medium long runs during the week or at least some double. With only 50 mpw, anything over about 12 is going to be tough to recover from.

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