Wednesday, July 07, 2010

traveling = eating

Wow, I've been neglecting this.

Week of 21 June

Sick and ran an ill-advised 2 miles on Monday am. Had 100.5 fever on Monday night and took Tues and Wed off. Ended up with 36 for the week.

Week of 28 June

Was in livermore, ca for work. I thought my running would suffer, but managed to get it all in by getting up at 04:20. Ran in some pretty vineyard country and got chased by a Rottweiler. 62 miles for the week.

When I got back, I found I gained a pound or two. Not bad for 6 days. I guess eating the complimentary eggs and bacon every morning along with restaurant food for lunch and dinner (like Mexican and BBQ) can help pack on the pounds.

I've only been doing easy running. It's all the complication I can handle at the moment and the heat isn't helping either. It's been over 100 the last couple of days and the overnight low tonight is 79 degrees. Yikes.

Time to sleep...

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