Tuesday, October 13, 2009

week of 6 October

MPW 59 -- 54 miles. Went to my 20th HS reunion this week. I hit the low end of the scheduled mileage on a couple of easy days because of time contraints.

Monday, Oct 5
I had a work conflict on Tues AM, so I did 6.1 @ 9:06 on Mon PM. No bleacher, but used a steep hill.

Tuesday, Oct 6
6-8 mile moderate run on rolling hills including 5 x bound up bleacher stairs, jog down easy

Wednesday, Oct 7
10-12 mile total moderate run including 8 strides and 7-8x 3 min hills @ 10k effort (not harder)w/ 2 min jog rests. Finish run w/ 3 x 100m cutdowns
11.6 @ 8:40. Did 8x3' hills. Maybe easier than 10k effort? It's hard to tell. Hill was only 3 minutes, so I had to jog 3 minutes back down each time.

I did 30' XT in the PM because I didn't notice it wasn't on the schedule! A healthy effort.

Kept in the 150-155bpm range from 10' on. Did lat pulls because I knew I'm trying to work up to one chip up!

Thursday, Oct 8
5-6 mile easy run
6.1 @ 9:18. I did the GS routine in the PM (w/o the chin ups, of course).

Friday, Oct 9
8-10 mile moderate run on rolling hills including 5-8 x bound up bleacher stairs, jog down easy and run 1 min @ 3k effort
9.9 @ 8:35. Nice moderate run. Bleacher bounds were up a steep grass hill. 8:35 pace includes bounds. Pace was 8:18 for the middle 6 miles.

Saturday, Oct 10
7-9 mile easy run
7.1 @ 8:46. Wanted to do 9, but cut short due to time.

Sunday, Oct 11
13-14 mile moderate run including 5 mile progression run beginning at moderate hard effort for the first mile and increase your effort every mile so the last 1 mile is @ 10k effort. Finish w/5 strides
5-mile progression was on a one-mile gravel loop. The loop has a pretty steep climb (~40 feet on my garmin) in the first 0.25-mile before a nice downhill. Times were 7:56, 7:23, 7:07, 7:02, and 6:51. I felt like I couldn't go any faster on the last one, but my maxHR was only 182.

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