Sunday, October 18, 2009

week of 12 October

Here's the week. Disappointing race. Perfect weather for me, but I ran a 41:47.

training - week of 2009.10.12
MPW 42 -- did 43.1

Monday, Oct 12

Tuesday, Oct 13
6-7 mile easy to moderate run including 10 strides @ 5k effort
7.2 @ 8:39

Wednesday, Oct 14
8-10 mile total moderate run including 10 x 1 min @ 5k effort w/1 min jog rests
10.0 @ 8:05.

Thursday, Oct 15
4 mile easy run
4 @ 8:50

Friday, Oct 16
4-5 mile easy run including 8 x 20 sec's @5k effort w/1 min jog rests
5.2 @ 8:42. Did GS circuit also.

Saturday, Oct 17
2-3 mile easy run including 8 x 20 sec's @5k effort w/1 min jog rests
3 @ 8:59

Sunday, Oct 18
AM: 10 miles total including 2 min @ LT effort, SNW and Home Run 10k or Rediscovery 10k.
2.5 warmup. 10k in 41:47. 1.9 cooldown.

The course is on some main roads and the footing is good. There are also very few turns -- pretty much just an out and back. The course has some significant climbs. If you believe my garmin, we gained 150ft from 1.75 miles to the 3.1 turnaround.

I felt like I gave it a good effort. 6:23/174 avg bpm, 6:29/184, 6:47/185 (big uphill), 6:29/185 (back down), 6:29/185, 6:39/185, 2:28/186 (0.36). Splits were Garmin. Garmin was 6:34 pace overall. Actual was 6:43, so add 9 secs to each. I'd expect the heart rates to be a little higher, but I ran an even effort and really felt like I had nothing left.

PM 3 mile easy run
3.0 @ 9:51.


Mindi said...

What is your 10K goal at this point? Those look like pretty good splits and a great race. Congrats (even if you are disappointed).

Garmin was off my 9 secs/mile? That is frustrating for such a short race. I always expect mine to be about 5 secs off.

Greg said...

My goal is/was sub-40 since my 10 miler was a 39:50 equivalent. I'm obviously in worse shape now though.

Yeah 9 sec/mile seemed like a lot. 5 sec/mile is typical for me at this pace. I'm not sure why it was so far off. It was a very straight course. Usually on a course like that I'm very close to 1% long. I'd have expected ~6.26 instead of 6.36. The course is certified though and Montgomery County Road Runners Club are the pros from Dover, so I trust the distance.

Mindi said...

Yes, I'd trust the distance then too. But I'd be cursing out my Garmin! :) You'll get that sub-40. Looks like the course was pretty tough - or at least not the ideal course for a fast race. I don't know how you do it. 10K sucks. By far my least favorite distance (which means I probably should try to improve. But it sucks).....