Sunday, April 12, 2009

week of 7 April

MPW 48
-- 44.7
Monday, April 6
-- check. It's the weirdest thing. My lower abs are sore. This is new.
2-3 sets max push ups
-- 30 and 6 again. I felt strong then before in my arms/shoulders and probably could have squeezed a few more in, but my lower abs are sore from yesterday
Tuesday, April 7
4-5 mile easy jog
-- 4.4 @ 9:43. Legs good. lower abs sore at first, but felt OK after a mile. I progressed from an opening 10+ minute mile to a wicked fast 9:32.
core plank
-- check
Wednesday, April 8
5-7 mile easy run
-- 6.06. Ran to the lake and back. I stopped going when it was too dark and snowy. I only ran about a mile at the lake, but it was nice. I saw a fox twice (same guy - once out and once back) and what I think was an egret. The steep hill up from the lake yielded a 10:32 mile. Abs still a little sore.
-- forgot what I was doing and did the one-leg squats instead, planned to switch with Friday

Thursday, April 9
8-10 mile easy run including 10 x 30 sec's @ 5k effort w/30 sec jog rests
-- 9.3 @ 8:27. Still feeling the abs a little
Forearm Plank w/Alternating Leg Lifts
-- I did these but was cautious because of my lower abdomen

Friday, April 10
5-6 mile easy run
-- 5.2 @ 8:39. Right calf a little tight from the 10x30''. Abs still there.
- forgot

Saturday, April 11
6-7 mile easy run
-- 6.6 on the treadmill (steady rain outside) @ 9:06 pace (60 min). Abs still there. I can feel it when I cough. It's getting better day-by-day though. Nothing painful. Just there. Calf was OK.
100 ab exercises
-- B/c of my ab soreness, I skipped this and did the step ups I forgot yesterday. 2 sets of 40.

Sunday, April 12
11-13 mile moderate run including 20 min progression run beginning at moderate effort and running the last few minutes @ marathon effort. 2-5 min recovery then run 3 x 1 mile alternating every 100m @ 10k effort and marathon goal pace w/2-3 min jog between reps
-- Picked the family up at the airport (in ATL seeing her sister's new baby) at 11pm and my daughter threw up at 1:30am (a little too much fun, food, and excitement), so I wasn't too chipper this morning.
-- 4.3 @ 8:57; 20' progression: 7:57/152bpm, 7:49/158, 4:35(7:22)/167; 8:33 @ 8:40 pace recovery (recovery was too long, but it was hard to work in 20' of clear running room for the progression and then get to track in under 5 minutes).
-- I figured I run 10k on the straights and MP on the curves. 24 sec per 100 happens to be 2400 per 10000m :-) 27 per 100 is 7:15 per mile. Avg should be 6:48 per 1600.
-- It was pretty windy. show 13 gusting to 24 mph and the flag was pointed straight down the straights.
-- First 1600 was very slow -- 7:02/169. I had to dial it up to get to 10k pace and the first 800m was lots of 28s and 25s.
-- 3:15 rest -- 400m + short trip to porta-pottie :-)
-- 2nd 1600 was almost perfect -- 6:44/176. 24 seconds into the wind was probably pushing 5k pace though
-- 800m rest in 4:11
-- 3rd 1600 was 6:44/180 (max 185!). I hit 23 a few times and was probably too fast, especially in the wind. As the HR indicates this was pretty tough.
-- 1.2 home @ 9:16 pace
-- total: 13.0 @ 8:09
-- I was still feeling my abs (maybe it's psoas?). I can now tell it's mostly on the left side. I've been doing lunges (of sorts) to stretch my psoas before I run, which seems to have done wonders for my runners knee, but I can feel a strain on the left side when I do that now though.
-- Finally did the foam roller tonight.

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