Thursday, April 23, 2009

already getting itchy

I don't know how I'm going to make it 10 days without a run, although this morning was my second day of walking and I did think, "You know, this is what healthy people do." See, but I timed my walk. Not with a stop watch, but I had to look at the time when I left and when I got back. 41 minutes. A new walking course PR! (I narrowly beat out yesterday's 42 minute effort.)

What did I think about while walking? I was jealous of the two guys I saw running and I already found myself plotting marathon revenge. I wonder if deep down I ran 3:19 just to leave a bad taste in my mouth, so I'd have to run one again. If I'd have run 3:09 say, I might have thought, "Well, I'll never break three, so that sounds like a pretty good lifetime PR." But I didn't even have a good day. To not run one again would be like leaving the basketball court without making your last basket. Maybe I did it to myself on purpose. Revenge. Yes, that's what I need.

I've promised myself I won't run one this Fall although if I broke 40 in September.... No, no. Not enough time. Maybe I'll run a spring marathon. Yeah, I could do that. Could I wait? How about an early spring marathon? Or what about revenge on the same course? I think I'm qualified for 2010. No, too expensive. Too big a hassle. A local, early spring marathon. I'm not sure I'll be able to avoid it.


Get Primal said...

Ultras brother...ultras! I can sense it in your writing, you're ready to make the leap!

Mindi said...


Come up and run Steamtown! One of the fastest courses.....