Thursday, June 02, 2011

racing season is over

94 degrees yesterday and no chance of a decent race anytime soon, so I'll declare the sub-40 by 40 chase over.

I managed to run 39:35 at Pike's Peek downhill with a tailwind, so I guess I can declare victory on the sub-40 by 40? We'll have to put an asterisk.

I made another attempt on a loop course at the Manassas Airport 10k, but only ran 40:20. It was low 60s by the end and totally sunny, which is sadly way too warm for me. I also lost about 5 seconds when a volunteer sent me the wrong way right around mile 5. I was actually on schedule at mile 5 but gave up 20 seconds in the last mile. I ended up winning M40-44 despite being 39 because it was a tri club and they use your birthday at the end of the year. Finished 7th OA.

When I get a chance, I'll cut and paste my logs here. Suffice it to say that I've totally slacked off the last couple of weeks and only managed 32 miles last week.

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Anonymous said...

I think breaking forty WHILE forty will be a great accomplishment, Greg. I think you can break 40minutes come the cool weather in the fall. Congrats on that first place! Enjoy the summer off-season.