Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Man do you lose it quickly

I did 4.7 on the treadmill today, mostly at 6 mph (10:00/mile) and 0 degrees with some at 9:40 at the end. I couldn't believe my HR was at 150 bpm at the end. Just a few weeks ago, I was doing ~8:50 at 135 in 75-degree weather. I haven't just been sitting on my duff either. Since the injury, my training has been.

We - off
Th -off
Fr - off
Sa - 50 min swimming
Su - 40 min treadmill (ill-advised)
Mo - 60 min swimming
Tu - 60 min elliptical
We - 60 min elliptical
Th - 60 min elliptical
Fr - 60 min elliptical

Apparently swimming and elliptical do about nothing for your running fitness. I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to run tomorrow. It's not better, but I think I'm at the point of just running through it. We'll see tomorrow. Any more time off and I won't be able to even take a reasonable crack at a 10k this fall. The good news is that my weight is still down. I ran 40:04 while at 161 doing ~65 mpw leading up. I think a month or two of 60mpw should get me there if I can ever get my mileage back up there.


Mindi said...

Hmm. That HAS to be a fluke. I can't imagine you lost that much so quickly.....

Hope you feel better soon!

Greg said...

Well, it was a bit of a fluke or maybe you just get it back quickly (coordination?) but the next day I did 6 and made up about half the difference (~9:30 and ~135 bpm). Unfortunately, it was a very ill-advised run and set me back quite a ways. I guess I'll learn to love the elliptical.