Sunday, September 06, 2009

week of 31 August

training - week of 2009.08.31
Hills 9
Foam Roller Exercises 1-2 x this week
Weights – 2 x week
Core 100 1-2 x week – 100 total reps of ab/back exercises
3 weeks to goal 10k
MPW 60
Week total: 59.1 miles + 90 min XT

Monday, Aug 31

Tuesday, Sept 1
6-8 mile easy run including 10 x 100m increasing effort strides w/1 min jog rests. Run the first stride @ 5k effort and the last stride @ mile effort.
8.0 @ 8:48. 61 degrees and dry! Wore my new racing flats (Mizuno Ronins). Loved them. Checked out the high school track. Still being resurfaced and under plastic netting so I did my 10x100m strides in the parking lot. Wondering if it will be open to the public when it's done. My HR/pace wasn't as good as I expected with the good weather

PM: went to chiro again

Wednesday. Sept 2
10-12 mile total moderate run including SNW and 12-15x 300m @ 3k effort w/1 min jog rests. Full recovery then 3 x 150m cutdowns.

Glorious weather again. 58 degrees!
Did 16 x 300m in 68, 71, 70, 69, 69, 68, 70, 68, 68, 69, 69, 69, 67, 69, 70, 68 w/ 200m rests in 66-71 secs. I was shooting for ~70 (6:15 pace), but ended up with most at 68 (6:05) or 69 (6:10). This wasn't hard at all. Max HR on the last interval was 185. I never felt stressed.
I did the 150m cutdowns and checked the time at 100m - 20, 19, 19. I thought that was pretty fast, but this (M90 100m in 17.8) makes me feel pretty pitiful.

Body feeling pretty good.

PM: 30 min XT moderate
did the weights and 30' on elliptical

Thursday, Sept 3
5-6 mile jog

Still great weather. 62 degrees. Ran to the lake and back. 6.2 @ 9:32

Friday, Sept 4
8-10 mile moderate run including Antelope Circuit 1 x thru and run 2 min @ 3k effort up a hill if possible

AM: Nice again. I did my usual 9.3 mile work route @ 8:26 (although accidentally pause Mr. Garmin for 0.4 miles). I did 2' up a nice steep hill. Did the Antelope circuit but used a not-too-steep hill instead of bleacher.
Lunch: chiro yet again. Prescibed Myrtle Hip Girdle Routine (progress by adding reps) and Lunge Matrix, to help with my hip extension. She ran out of time and couldn't get to my knees.

PM: 30 min XT moderate
Did core 100 and 30' on the elliptical.

Saturday, Sept 5
7-9 mile easy run

AM: My right leg was suddenly unshackled after the appt on Friday. It was crazy. I felt like I could swing my leg straight forward and back for the first time in forever. I'm still duck-footed though.
PM: I did the Myrtle Hip Girdle routine and Lunge Matrix suggested by the chiro.

Sunday, Sept 6
13-15 mile moderate run including 10 min progression run beginning at moderate effort and running the last few minutes @ 10k effort. 2-5 min recovery then run 4 x 4 min hills @ 5k effort w/2 min jog rests. Full recovery then 8 x 45 sec @ 3k effort w/1 min jog rests
15.0 @ 9:10. I did this on the treadmill because 1) 4 x 4 min hill w/2 min jog means I need a 10-minute hill, which I don't have and 2) it was 75 by the time I got going and would have been in the 80s by the end of my run. For the progression I stepped from 8:00 to 6:40 pace in 2 min increments. Hills were 6.8 mph at a 7 degree incline. I only did 9 mph for 3k. I initially hit the 10 mph "one touch" button and felt like I'd get thrown off the back end. My knee didn't do that great. It's definitely regressing. I need the chiro to do that magic thing again.

PM: 30 min XT moderate

30 minutes of breaststroke at the pool. I can't get myself to go to the elliptical at work on a weekend. Not a lot of time (~2.5 hours) between run and swim, but no problem.


Mindi said...

Nice week! What exactly is wrong with your leg - duck footed? Is that a technical term? :D Glad to hear it seems to be improving. It is amazing what cooler weather can do for you!

Greg said...

By duck footed, I mean my right foot points outward. Alternatively, if I point my toes forward my right knee point inward.