Sunday, January 11, 2009

week of 5 Jan

  • Monday 5.47 easy run. 9:17/136 bpm
  • Tue AM 7.25 moderate including rock circuit
  • Tue PM. Foam roller
  • Wed 10.05 @ 8:06 156 - 20 minutes 5k/5k+60''. 10 x strides. Hit paces. See this post.
  • Thursday 6.28 easy. 9:01/136 bpm
  • Friday 7.74 moderate w/ 4xABCs and 8 x 15'' hill sprints. 5 x strides. 8:53/147.
  • Saturday 5.81 moderate including rock circuit. Had to pause after rock circuit to bring a dog who got loose back home. Sweet, old chocolate lab. Heart rate was kind of odd after that. Very high for the pace. On the plus side, I upped the push-up part from 8 to 10 for each time. I was surpised at how much easier the pushup were on the first circuit.
  • Sunday 13.91 w/8 mile progression. Barely slept the last two days and felt terrible. This was on a lake trail (not the same one as last week) with varying terrain and the Garmin is a little wonky it spots. Even with the excuses, I was still slow. Not counting on the Garmin pace, I picked up the effort and tried to average a higher heart rate each mile. The splits for the 8 miles were: 7:48/160, 7:54/164, 7:27/169, 7:13/175, 7:15/177, 7:07/179, 7:01/178, 7:24/178. I really went as hard as I could, but I seemed to be leg-limited. I couldn't generate the force to drive my heart rate up -- that or I was courage-limited :-)
  • Sunday PM. I realized I hadn't done the 10 push-up/10 ab, 9 p-up/9 ab, etc. thing. I still only got to 7, but I think I was sore from yesterday. Need to remember to do this in the middle of the week.
  • Week: 56.50
I'm still really not sure how to do strides properly. If I'm fresh, I can run get up to speed and run the all out 3-4'', but after a hard run, I end up just going through the motions for the first 3 or 4. I tend to treat them as just stretching out and I'm not sure that's right.

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