Friday, September 07, 2007

week of 3 Sep

Mo - Rest

Tu - 13.35
Schedule for 15. I just ran the long way to work. Held a pretty strong pace the whole way. Stopped my watch at most of the lights so I could figure out my pace. Squeaked in under 2 hours (1:59:48). 8:58 pace. 147 bpm average. With the weather improving, I'm able to get in more strong runs. Hopefully it will be in time to get ready for the marathon.

We - recovery 5.86 am, recovery 4.11 pm
Two nbrhd loops in the morning. One and the short half loop in the afternoon.

Th - recovery 6.0
Did an out and back to the lake, because I'm sick of the nbhrd loop. Ran to the lake (including >2 minutes at the light), ran about 7 minutes clockwise, then doubled back home. It's two and a quarter to the lake, so I'm calling this 6 miles.

Fr - 10.45 w/ 2x16 minute tempo
The schedule called for the infamous 12 w/7 @tempo. No way was I doing that. I had in my mind that I'd do at most 40 minutes at tempo. I couldn't do it all at once because of traffic lights, etc. I did a straight in run to work (10.45) in 1:29:32 (8:34 pace), stopping my watch if the lights were too long (which I normally don't do). The first tempo portion was 15:56/168 in 2.21 (7:13) pace. I felt like I couldn't get my heart rate up to where it should be. During the second one I felt like did a little better. I didn't really feel I picked it up until the second half though. I was surprised to see 8:05 at a familiar point during the interval, because I remembered that it meant I was on about 7:00 pace (7:03 actually). Overall the second interval was 16:49/176 for 2.39 miles (6:59 pace). It was probably a little better as I kept having to run around cars at the intersection. It happened at least 3 times (all in the second half). Temperature was pretty constant. 69 degrees, 65 dew point (88% humidity). At times it felt like I had a good "swing" going where my arms were smoothly in rhythm with me legs. They probably swung farther in front of me than usual though and I assume that means I was heel striking more? I'm not sure. I think smooth is a good thing though and I'll try to get in that mode again. Perhaps I can increase my cadence and avoid the heel striking.

Sa - 4.68
The HRM reading were way off at the beginning and even after I broke a sweat they seemed wrong. About 5 bpm too high and went way up on small hits (hit 160 jogging). I thought my battery might be going. 43:28/152. wp7-1.

Su - 20.3
Holy cow that was ugly. My heart rate was high, but I ignored it because I thought the HRM was running out of batteries. Now I'm pretty sure it was me. Still at 4 laps (18.4 miles) I was a little ahead of my pace last weak, but it was way harder (and my heart rate was much higher). I stopped at the bathroom though to wash up. (I had a spectacular fall on lap 4 and scraped my knee and hands a little.) After that I didn't have any will except to very slowly trot the last two miles. Overall average was 158 bpm or something crazy.What doesn't kill us makes us stronger? It was about the same temp as last week, but much, much more humid.

65 miles, 9h46m
wp 7-1: 379 + 5 = 384
wp 7-2: 327 + 6 = 333
wp7-3: 185+ 54 = 229

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